What We Do

Corporate Studio

Our studio is well-equipped with the latest technology and machineries. Our conducive working environment enhances our skilled and dedicated professionals to carve the dream of our clients and the design of architects into reality.

Shenzhen Workshop

Over 80 full-time skillful workers works in our Shenzhen workshop and are familiar with using different kinds of advanced equipment and softwares such as CNC machines, laser cutting machines, 3D printers, UV printers, and CAD software.

Production design

Our design team has the craftiness to create and reshape the drawings from our clients. The drawings are carefully edited, transformed, an scaled to size to smoothen the working process.

Mechanical Model

Mechanical models offer a brand new perspective on how to visualize the design of architectural models. We partner with licensed and experienced mechanical engineer to produce the striking and reliable mechanical models.

Immersive Lighting

Immersive lightings help achieve aesthetic effect and visual excitement on the models. Our lighting experts provide valuable and creative suggestions, and ensure uniform and interactive illuminations on required areas like projection displays, LED backlights, and general lightings.

Assembling & landscaping

The assembling team handles a challenging task of combining the different processes of the model. Customized solutions are provided to create the ideal interior and exterior environment. With creative manipulation we transform space and ambience that reflect functional and aesthetic considerations.

Cutting & Engraving

Our cutting and engraving team handles the complex architectural details which demands high precision with the help of laser cutting and engraving machines.

Carpentry & Painting

Model bases and stands are created by our seasoned craftsman while our experienced painters use high quality paints and tools to achieve the desired color & texture designated by clients.